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Gymnastics is one of, if not the best base sports available .  It does not matter what sport your child would like to play gymnastics can help them excel. Whether its football(strength, explosiveness, balance, hand-eye coordination), volleyball(hand-eye coordination, leaping ability, conditioning), baseball(hand- eye coordination, conditioning, strength, flexibility) or any other sport gymnastic will help your child get an edge. We offer classes that are age and skill appropriate. Students are challenged individually based on their skill readiness. We realize that kids love to learn….and our trained staff will ensure that your child is doing just that! We offer girls and boys classes at all levels! Beginner Gymnastics 1 Children will work on developing gross motor skills, balance and body awareness.  Children will learn gymnastics terminology and proper skill development through the use of gymnastics equipment, videos and observing more advanced classes.  Classes are 50 minutes. Beginner Gymnastics 2 This class introduces your child to more challenging gymnastics equipment and age appropriate skill development.  Each exciting class builds your child’s listening skills, social skills and coordination, enabling the development of friendships, independence and school-readiness skills.  Classes are 50 minutes. Beginner Gymnastics 3 In this class children are introduced to the equipment used in our higher gymnastics classes. Children in Beginner 3 have mastered the concepts, circuits, and skill charts associated with their previous classes. Classes are 50 minutes. Intermediate classes are by staff invitation only. Classes are structured around skill ability and prepare your child for competitive gymnastics.  Intermediate and Advanced classes will be available at a later date. Intermediate Gymnastics 1 Students will gain experience on the Olympic events which include the Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor for girls and the Floor, Pommel horse, Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and High Bar for Boys. Students will also be introduced to trampoline, strength and flexibility. Classes are 60 minutes. Intermediate Gymnastics 2 Students will continue to challenge themselves by increasing their skill level on each event. They will be given the opportunity to set new goals and try new skills. Students will continue to work on strength and flexibility, as they prepare for the intermediate and advanced classes. Classes are 60 minutes. Advanced Gymnastics 1 Students will continue to develop their gymnastics skills on all the Olympic events. There is continued focus on fitness, strength and flexibility. Because this classes in only for advanced students who wish to compete, there will be a much smaller teacher to student ratio to give the student more individualized training.  Classes are 90 minutes.   Home-school Class: A specially designed class for children who are home-schooled. Physical fitness is important for all children, and our home-school class incorporates games, calisthenics, obstacle courses, and gymnastics. What a great way to stay physically active and to interact with other children. Classes are 50 minutes.   Call 915-584-8411 to sign up for your FREE TRIAL Class or click the link below!
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We are currently a recreational gymnastics center but in the near future we plan on entering competitions with the goal of entering qualified students into competition and receiving ranking in the Junior Olympics. For more information on Junior Olympics please visit: USA Gymnastics
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